How to Earn Reward Coins

Reward Coins are kind of like Points — they can be exchanged towards tons of exciting Rewards on the app called RewardCoins! Earning Reward Coins is easy — simply take surveys by sharing your opinion with researchers and brands — or you can even earn by getting cash back by shopping at your favorite stores.

Our users are currently earning thousands of Reward Coins daily!

How does earning Reward Coins work?

After installing the app on the appropriate device, you can simply register (as long as the app is available in your country). Once you have logged in all you need to do is start sharing your opinion with researchers and brands. Each survey can take anywhere between 1 minute – 30 minutes — and you’ll be compensated for your time (even if you aren’t eligible for a particular survey).

Is the app free?

The app is completely free to download.

How do I download the app to earn Reward Coins?

You can get RewardCoins on iOS or Android. Here’s how:

On iPhone or iPad:

earning reward coins on the app store

On Android Devices:

earning reward coins on the play store